Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To nap or not to nap

There has been much back-and-forth as to whether children should nap. Some argue that children need the time to "recharge (which is neurologically, and perhaps physiologically, debatable)," while others fuss over the age in which children actually outgrow the need to nap. Some preschools write naptime into their schedule, while others avoid it or make it optional (to the parent and/or the child). How to answer the question? it Jeopardy style, and respond with another question: Do you? If you like the occasional nap, your child probably will too. If you like your siestas at the same time everyday, that might also work for children. The notion that I'm hoping to hammer home with this blog is the fact that, if it works for us as adults, children should probably receive the same treatment.

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