Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My first time

My first, and hopefully not last, post. Millions of 1-post blogs probably exist on the internet, taking up all of our valuable worle-wide-web-space, never to be seen again...chalk it up to disinterest, busy-ness, run-on sentences, over-use of dashes, or unsatisfaction, but many-a-blog start out so passionate, so extreme, so dedicated to their cause, yet fall by the wayside. Welcome to the next website trying to curb the trend. I value your precious websurfing time, so without delay, I bring you, the place that believes that there are, in actuality, no difficult children, but children who respond to adults who have made things difficult on themselves...once adults realize that children aren't much different from fellow adults, life with children tends to become more fulfilling, more gratifying, and no longer difficult.

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